GNA Meeting Notes 2.20.14

GNA Meeting Notes 10.24.13

GMNA Meeting Notes 8.29.13


 Glenmorrie Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes

7 p.m., June 19, 2013, held at 1748 Glenmorrie Terrace

In attendance: Jon Bell, Judy Dauble, Liz Hartman, Carolyne Jones, Johanna McCormick, and Janice Shokrian Discussion items —    Initial discussion of a pre-application conference being held on June 20 for a request to construct two detached carports on the site of the former Montessori School at the corner of Glenmorrie Dive and Highway 43. —    Judy Dauble talked about the success of the April 21 neighborhood ivy pull, which was made possible as part of a Neighborhood Enhancement Grant from the city. She has prepared another grant application for another ivy pull and barbecue in the fall. There was talk of possibly just doing the ivy pulls through the city’s dumpster program, but the more organized event also takes mailers and supplies for the barbecue, so the grant seems to make more sense. In addition, the next grant will likely request additional dumpsters and some equipment, such as pruning saws, that could be lent out to other associations that do ivy pulls. —    Discussion also covered the desire to have the ivy pull/barbecue be a neighborhood event that draws neighbors together to get to know one another. Janice Shokrian also will be in contact with Rick Dietz (sp) who organized a neighborhood barbecue last year on Glenwood Court and who was enthusiastic about inviting the entire neighborhood to the event, which he also did last year. —    Another Neighborhood Enhancement Grant covered the purchase of new walkie talkies that should have a better range than those that neighbors currently have in case of an emergency. —    There have been quite a few real estate transactions in the neighborhood lately and new people moving in. Some discussion touched on providing information about the neighborhood to new arrivals. —    Other topics that came up for brief discussion: the city’s comprehensive plan, the sensitive lands issue, the anticipated start of the construction on the expansion of the water treatment plant and pipeline in West Linn, and the LOSD’s local option renewal coming up in November. —    The next GMNA meeting is scheduled for August 29, 2013.


 Glenmorrie Neighborhood Association

Annual Meeting


Notes by Brenda Troisi

In attendance: 8 nghrs plus 2 city councilors-elect(Bowerman and Gustafson)
Didn’t approve 2011 minutes as they couldn’t be found!
Year in Review:
            – Compression-only CPR Class – easy to learn, physically challenging. 12 people attended.  Can borrow dummies from city anytime.
            – Nghd has a website
            – Conducted walkie-talkie tests
            – Held Tree walk – 55 people attended. Should it be an annual event?
City Updates:
            – Comprehensive Plan – 3 or 7 parts are done and approved. Should complete in August
            – Water Line – state may require work to be done at night to avoid traffic issues.  Now waiting on WL.
            – Alarm Permits – city council passed it, decision could be reviewed in January. Unclear how city intends to enforce it. How will they even figure out you have one? Justification is that “all the surrounding cities have one” and “1100 false alarms a year” which begs question of how the permit will prevent false alarms??
            – Nghd Grant Application – request for 6 dumpsters for an all-nghd clean-up. Tentatively in April.
            – Foothills Framework was approved by City – ~41 acres of high density (>100 units per acre)! ODOT is concerned about the traffic “portals”.
Nghd Concerns:
            – Ryan raised the (perennial) issue of pedestrian safety esp on Cherry. Laurel Narrows was also mentioned as was Hwy 43. It was pointed out that it would be convenient to do any work on Laurel and Hwy 43 in conjunction with the future water pipeline work. Nghd reps have been to the public mtgs and raised the issue. Don’t get the feeling anything will be done. Gustafson says they are looking for ways to trim the cost so very unlikely. How can we as a nghd express our continued desire in this area?
            -Water System costs – Billie mentioned that she’s never heard so many complaints as there were this year.
            – Check out Nextdoor Glenmorrie – a new communication vehicle. Essentially an electronic bulletin board(?). Can post e.g. gardener rec’s, babysitter availability, block parties.
Board Membership:
            – Victoria is going off the board. Ryan Turner volunteered to take her place. Unfortunately, we don’t have great geographic representation. Todd Ahren’s wife will consider joining. 

GNA Board Meeting September 22, 2011 Attending:  Billie Anger, Carolyne Jones, Jim Radda, Todd Ahrens, Liz Hartman Meeting Called To Order Discussion of new neighborhood grant. Discussion about trees  in HWY 43 dividers—GNA is opposed due to diminished visibility Carolynne discussed water project meeting that was held at Hallinan.  Lots of neighborhood concern for folks on Laurel.  Plan calls for 42-48” pipe, 8’ deep.  If it does go through, residents requested a sidewalk/walking path. Flashing lights or traffic lights requested either at Cherry, Laurel or both to ease congestion.  Possible delineation for several residents on Laurel. House by well for sale—Liz suggested letting new owners know about the well regarding chemical run-off etc. Empty house on Cherry has Canadian owner according to Brenda.  Liz discussed activity at empty houses and recent police involvement. November 3rd is the next community plan meeting re: community culture.  Meeting is at LOHS  7-9PM Discussed GNA’s stance for the meetings Annual Meeting:  Potential agenda:  Water plan, Emergency plan    Discussion on  overgrown brush along hwy 43  Discussion of Lake Oswego taking over HWY 43 for ODOT. Discussion of Ivy Pull—Judy Dauble to continue to head up neighborhood pulls Possible Tree Walk in April Carolyne discussed last city council meeting and supposed 3 million dollar surplus GNA Annual Meeting scheduled for 11/17 Adjourned at 8:10 pm    Minutes by Todd Ahrens


GNA Annual Meeting December 1, 2010 Meeting called to order Introductions Liz went over street reps—neighborhood reps by street, in charge of neighborhood emails and walkie talkies 2010 review—1. community development code recap.  Details of code changes to be sent out with minutes.  2. Neighborhood walk /Tree walk—Thanks to Sonja Kollias and presentation of poinsettia.  Sonja gave a recap of the walk.  Liz discussed possibility of getting tree walk signage created via neighborhood enhancement grant. 3. Candidate Fair at Lakeridge.  Liz talked about bringing new city council members to Glenmorrie for  a tour. Ivy Pull discussion.  Judy Dauble discussed increasing frequency of ivy pulls. Election of board members–  Barbara Browning to step down and replaced by Billie Anger Janice Shokrian discussed scrip for the Hallinan PTO Liz discussed possibility of elementary school closures Discussion of comprehensive plan and vision statement and welovelakeoswego.com



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