Glenmorrie Water Co-Op Update April 20, 2017

To All Glenmorrie Water Co-Op Members:

The Glenmorrie Water Co-Op system had a power outage last night, April 19, that disabled the upper well pump and resulted in total depletion of the reservoir. Although we have a backup battery alert system that monitors the reservoir level, that system inexplicably failed, so our first awareness was from a call early this morning by a member with no water.

Accordingly, the power problem was immediately corrected and full water supply and pressure have been restored throughout the system. However, the initial refilling of the empty reservoir caused the agitation of some minor accumulated sediment so a small amount of cloudy water may be briefly evident before clearing. We have chlorinated the reservoir as a precaution so your water should be back to safe and totally normal conditions once any cloudiness clears. Note that it is very likely that no such cloudiness will even be evident.

We will be checking out the cause(s) for this incident and making the necessary corrections to assure your usual ongoing supply of clear, safe water. Coincidentally, we have been attempting to incorporate a more timely member alert system to immediately advise of any such incidents. If you are a newer Co-Op member or have never submitted the Emergency Contact Information form that was included in earlier 2016 water bills, please request same via a direct email to our system manager, Dick DeChaine, at, phone 503-310-1245.

Thank you,
Ed Hepp
Glenmorrie Water Co-Op Board Member


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