34-lot Subdivision Proposed Near Marylhurst and Glenmorrie

The city of West Linn has received an application for a 34-lot subdivision called Chene Blanc Estates, which would be built on 6 acres at 18000 Upper Midhill Drive. While not directly in the Glenmorrie Neighborhood, the location is very nearby, as it sits across Highway 43 from Marylhurst University in the Marylhurst community.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 3.29.26 PM


An email about the proposed project from West Linn Associate Planner Peter Spir said the following:

“There is (now) a 30-day period, which started on October 21, for staff to determine the “completeness” of the application. By completeness, we only require that applicants respond to the applicable submittal requirements and approval criteria. (A finding that it is complete is not an endorsement of the application nor does it constitute a substantive analysis of the submittal.) At such time that the application is declared complete (most applications are initially declared incomplete), staff will schedule a hearing date with the Planning Commission, prepare the staff report, and initiate 20-day public notice of the hearing.”

For further information about the project, contact Spir in the West Linn Planning Department.


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