Farewell to someone who helped make Glenmorrie what it is

When we moved into Glenmorrie almost exactly eight years ago, it took us a while to really come to terms with what a special place we were living in. The trees, the proximity to the river, the owls and birds gliding through the woods, the character and friendliness all around. It was often too much to appreciate, and it’s still hard to believe sometimes — on a warm summer night, with train horns in the distance and filtered sunset passing through the green leaves — that we’re lucky enough to call this place home.

One of the early impressions I have of moving into our home here on Glenmorrie Drive is an idyllic stream of banjo music winding through the early evening hours, accompanied sometimes by a warm and friendly voice singing folk songs from long ago. That voice belonged to Chris Wetteland, who lived at the corner of Glenmorrie Drive and Stonebridge with Delores Johnston. It was a voice we heard long before we actually met him, and it’s one we won’t soon forget.

Chris passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, May 2, 2015, and he will be missed.


A musical accent outside Chris and Delores’ home on Stonebridge.

A prolific musician, Chris was an incredibly friendly character in the neighborhood. We only interacted with him directly a handful of times, but each time was memorable. To remember the name of our daughter, Madeline, Chris  hearkened back to the 1920s and broke out a version of the 1925 song “Paddling’ Madeline Home,” and when our son, Spencer, rolled by in his shiny new battery-powered car at about 1/10th of a mile an hour, Chris made sure to say hello and ask all about it.

Spencer, now 5, remembers that clearly; Madeline, too, remembers Chris, and we listened to “Paddling Madeline Home” more than a few times on Sunday to make sure we won’t soon forget it. Thanks to Chris, I don’t think we will.

For those interested, more information about services and remembrances for Chris Wetteland will be forthcoming. We will do our best to share them here. 

— Jon Bell, GNA chair


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