Help is on the way!

The links below provide great information on events and references geared to focus your attention on how to better prepare for and respond to major emergencies.

 The November 2013 insert in the” Hello LO” newsletter tells about a free presentation by Alan Corson [on Tuesday, November 19, 7 p.m.  at the Lake Oswego Library], author of The Family Guide to Survival: Skills that Can Save Your Life and the Lives of Your Family.  Corson asks you to “Think about where you are right now. How well would you and your family fare if today, right now, you were suddenly faced with an enormous disaster – a massive earthquake, a sudden flood, a horrific hurricane, tornado, super storm, or other catastrophic event?”

                  Hello LO



The Glenmorrie Neighborhood Association in conjunction with the City of Lake Oswego is developing a neighborhood-wide preparedness plan in case a large-scale emergency occurs in our area.  The plan includes asking each household to voluntarily complete an Emergency Notification Form by listing names of household members as well as the ages of any children under age of 18 yrs.  The form has spaces to note any household pets, any special needs, a local emergency contact person, and any emergency-helpful skills or items you have.  The form, a letter of explanation, an emergency supply list, and steps to take to set up a plan for your household in the event of an emergency can be viewed by clicking here Glenmorrie_Emergency_Notification_Form_D4 POST GNA_Emergency_Website_Cover_Letter




CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE EARTHQUAKES…This is an excellent current report on the potential of a major earthquake in our region.

Cascadia_Subduction_Zone_Scenario_Update_2013_FINAL (1)



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